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Support Neurodivergent Children, Teens & Adults

iCan House is celebrating 15 years of providing programs for neurodivergent children, teens, and adults and supporting their families.

Social connections and belonging are essential to health and well-being.

At iCan House:

~ Individuals learn how to have conversations, manage their emotions, and make friends all while having fun.

~ No diagnosis is required to participate. There is nothing 'wrong' with the person. They are not broken and do not need a cure.

~ We focus on strengths and what they can do. We meet them where they are, accepting without judgment their differences.

Your donation allows us to meet the basic needs of many while supporting their families.

Let us know if your employer has a MATCHING GIFTS program. To initiate this gift, you must complete the paperwork from your employer required to generate the matching fund distribution.

For questions, call Kim Shufran at (336) 416-3802 or

Thank you for your contribution and support!